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Here are some ideas for how to get involved at St Paul’s Church:




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PCC Committees Aims and Skills Sought

Welcome Committee

To deliver the ‘Welcome Project’ under the Connect Workstream of the strategy, including: 

  • enhancing the welcome process and welcome message both online and face-to-face;

  • formalising and training a welcome team for services and events; 

  • improving access to the church outside of services through Open Church; 

  • enhancing the experience for newcomers inside the church e.g through a dedicated prayer space and guide to the church.


Skills sought: Experience in customer-facing roles; computer-based design skills; current/previous experience of being a welcomer/ sidesman / duty warden

Social and Fundraising Committee

  • To provide inclusive opportunities and events for regular worshippers and the wider parish community to attend and socialise with others.

  • To undertake fundraising activities to support the work of the church.

  • Also part of the Connect Workstream of the strategy, its aim is to create occasions for people to connect with others, connect with God and connect others with God. 


Skills sought: organisational skills, event management skills, fundraising experience, collaborative skills, team-building skills, communication skills, creative, fun and innovative approach

Charities Committee

  • To provide opportunities for the parish and community to support a diverse range of charities throughout the year, including international, national and local charities and faith-based organisations.

  • Encouraging contribution is an element of the Belong Workstream of the strategy.


Skills sought: fundraising experience, organisational skills, project/event management skills

Outreach Committee

  • To promote and co-ordinate existing outreach activities and events and to develop and implement new ones.  Under the Grow Workstream of the strategy, its aims are to support people to grow in faith, service and whole-life discipleship through developing the ministry and mission of the church in and with the parish, local community, neighbourhood and community, with the intention of bringing the community into the church and supporting the community where they are.


Skills sought: interest in the growing faith in the community, willingness to represent the church at community forums, event management experience, project management experience, organisational skills, communications skills verbal and digital.


Church and Premises Committee

  • To ensure church buildings and grounds are maintained and are fit for purpose to support the needs of the church and other users.

  • To develop a funded strategic plan to 2028 (our bicentennial) for improvements to the church and hall buildings as a place of worship of almighty God, and also in terms of wider church and community use, to include lighting, decoration and use of furniture.  This committee supports all 3 workstreams of the strategy.

Skills sought: experience of building regulations, managing building projects, stakeholder and supplier management.

If you would like to read more about St Paul’s Church Strategy, please click here

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