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Co-ordinator to work with the St Paul’s Neighbourhood Support Team

During the first lockdown in March 2020, St Paul’s set up a network of volunteers to support members of the congregation who lived alone or were unable to go out, with shopping, errands or access to church services whilst they were online. 


This was done in conjunction with two members of the congregation who were willing to liaise with the volunteers and connect them to people who lived in their part of the area. 


This network has become an important part of our renewed Parish Pastoral Strategy and is a way in time that the co-ordinators will be able to let the newly forming Pastoral Team know of anyone who has additional prayer or support needs as a result of bereavement or illness.  


We are looking for a member of the congregation who could take over one of these co–ordination roles and act as the primary point of contact for the volunteers who are working with medium and lower priority groups.


The main four duties are:

* To keep in regular contact with the 15 volunteers who are supporting these two groups of parishioners 

* To maintain an up to date database of who is working with who, keep a record of updates received from volunteers,

and report any issues or concerns.

* To put new volunteers in contact with those in the group where a volunteer is needed

* To work with and support the lead co-ordinator who is working with the higher priority group


If you are interested in finding out more please contact Jane Reed,


This role is subject to a DBS check

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