In one of the most famous verses in the Bible Jesus tells us that ‘God so loved the world that he gave his only Son’. (John 3.16) This tells us two things about God: the first is that he loves us; the second is that this love means he is generous. So generous, in fact, that he gives that which is most precious to him: his Son. In other words, God is so generous that he gives us himself.
As Christians, we are called to love God, and, in loving him, be generous just as he is. Our response to God’s gratuitous generosity is to be generous in return. This is what forms the basis of the Stewardship Campaign Generous God: Generous Giving which we’ll be running during September. Campaigns such as this are important: it’s not primarily about raising funds, it’s about our discipleship.
God’s generosity is permanent. He gives his only Son to the world not as a temporary loan, but as a permanent gift. So part of the thrust of this campaign is to encourage people to become part of our planned giving scheme, making regular and committed gifts to the life of the church.
My hope and prayer is that each of us be called to be as generous as we possibly can be to God’s church in this place. In so doing may we become better disciples: people who, by their generosity, are more like God. The fruit of this will be that St Paul’s will have the financial resources to grow a thriving and flourishing ministry among children and families; maintain and develop our buildings for church and community; model generosity in the wider church; and, we hope, much, much more.


Our Generous God, Generous Giving leaflet is available to download below, as is a form which gives you guidance on how to set up a Standing Order to St Paul's.